Birmingham Panthers Sign Jo Trip as Head Coach

The Birmingham Panthers have made their first signing ahead of the 2025 Netball Super League (NSL) season.

The club proudly announces that Jo Trip will be joining as their new head coach. Trip, a renowned figure in the netball community and current head coach of the Severn Stars, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Panthers.

Trip, who has had an illustrious career both as a player and a coach, is well-regarded for her tactical acumen and her ability to develop young talent. Her coaching philosophy, which emphasises teamwork, discipline, and innovation, will be instrumental in helping the Panthers assemble a talented squad of players able to compete in next season’s NSL.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jo Trip to the Birmingham Panthers,” said Alison Akinrinlola, Director of Netball at the Birmingham Panthers.

“Jo’s track record speaks for itself, and we believe her vision and leadership will be instrumental in ensuring we are ready to compete at the top of the Netball Super League in 2025. Her experience and passion for the game make her the perfect fit for our organisation.”

Trip’s career, first as a player and more recently as a head coach includes successful stints with netball teams in New Zealand and England, where she has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead and inspire. Her role as head coach of the Severn Stars has culminated in a top four finish in the 2024 NSL season, showcasing her skill in building cohesive, resilient and successful squads.

“I am hugely excited by the vision the Birmingham Panthers have for netball across the West Midlands, both on the court and in the community,” said Trip. “This is a fantastic opportunity to help build the team from the ground up and I am looking forward to bringing my experience to the Panthers and helping the team achieve their goals.”

The Birmingham Panthers will compete in the relaunched Netball Super League in 2025.

Pic: Birmingham Panthers

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