#nsl2024 Sirens 50 – Mavs 71

” A Test of Resilience” as Sirens faced Mavs in the latest round of their 2024 season.

“A Rocky Start”
Strathclyde Sirens faced a challenging opening quarter, grappling with the intensity of the game as Saracens Mavericks surged ahead with a 12-goal advantage. The physicality of the match was a wake-up call for the Sirens, who found themselves trailing as they regrouped for the second quarter.

Emboldened by Captain Emily Nicholl’s rallying cries, Sirens rose to the occasion. Strategic changes saw Millie Sanders step in at Wing Defence, shifting Leighton to Centre. This reinvigorated squad fought valiantly, their confidence growing and clearer connections on court bringing them back to a draw for the quarter 16-16.

The halftime break saw a refocused Sirens side ready to tackle the deficit. With Williams rejoining the fray and Hannah Grant making her NSL debut, the team displayed unyielding energy. Despite a defiant home crowd and on-court changes, the gap widened marginally by the end of Q3.

Though the match concluded with a win for Mavericks at 71-50, the Sirens showcased moments of brilliance. Player of the Match Sammy Ngubane’s words resonated with optimism: “We’re building our confidence and trust. It’s about believing in that connection.”

Sirens look ahead, united and determined to translate their trust into triumphs.

Sirens 50 – Mavs 71



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