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Team Bath: Bigger, Bolder, Braver

Team Bath have revealed their new Flyhawk kit ahead of the 2024 NSL season.

Team Bath Netball and partners Flyhawk are proud to unveil their ‘Bigger, Bolder, Braver’ kit for the 2024 Super League season – and a stylish new range of Blue & Gold merchandise is also now on sale too!

Explaining the concept behind the eye-catching design for Team Bath’s iconic Blue & Gold kit, Flyhawk founder Steph Essex says: “Flyhawk’s vision to support Team Bath Netball’s new era is with bigger, bolder and braver kit designs that give the players, staff and fans energy, passion and drive for the 2024 season. A taste of what is to come for the season ahead: BIGGER kit launch. BOLDER use of colours. BRAVER design concept.

“We have ensured there is acknowledgement to the legacy of Team Bath Netball in the new design concepts but most importantly we believe they signal a step change, a point to the future story being written by the athletes and staff in the present, and that’s truly exciting for us –creating the future of netball.”

Fans can dress to impress off the court with new replica T-shirts in the same stylish design as Team Bath’s Super League kit. Flyhawk’s top-quality Blue & Gold fan merchandise also includes hoodies (with and without zips) and netballs in our famous colours.

Click here to see the full Team Bath Netball Merchandise range in the Flyhawk online store
Merchandise will also be available to buy in person at their home Super League fixtures

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