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NA and ANPA settle

Netball Australia, all eight Suncorp Super Netball teams and the Australian Netball Players’ Association today signed a landmark partnership pay deal that will reward players and continue to grow the sport in the future.

The historic three-year Collective Player Agreement (CPA) will benefit current and future Suncorp Super Netball players, commercial partners, Australia’s one million netball players and netball fans.

The key elements of the agreement include:

• Players will receive an immediate 11 per cent pay rise over three years, with back pay to 1 October.
• The average potential salary will rise to $89,221 and minimum salaries will rise to $46,600 over the term of the CPA.
• Netball Australia and the players will enter into a landmark sponsorship revenue sharing partnership where players receive 20 per cent of revenue above an agreed sponsorship forecast.
• The players will work closely with the game’s commercial partners to grow the sport, including additional earning potential for players through increases to commercial caps.
• The introduction of an 11th player, whereby one nominated training partner per team is eligible for selection outside of injury or illness on a 6-month minimum salary contract.
• The establishment of a Professional Netball Committee, with formal ANPA representation to work collaboratively through new opportunities for continued progression for athletes and the growth of the league.

Netball Australia interim CEO Stacey West said the long-term deal provided certainty for the Suncorp Netball League for the next three years.

“The new revenue share partnership with the players is a historic moment for the game that will set up netball for future success and ensure financial stability for the sport,’’ West said.

“Netball Australia and Suncorp Super Netball players love our sport and we are all committed to the growth and success of not only top-level competition but also future generations of grassroots players.’’

Australian Netball Players’ Association CEO Kathryn Harby-Williams said the deal would benefit the whole sport.
“It’s an historic day for netball players and for the sport,” Harby-Williams said.

“It’s a day when revenue sharing enters netball for the first time with all of the benefits this brings. The operating model for netball has changed for the better, particularly at a time when there is competition for talented female athletes, many of whom come through the netball ranks. ”

“Netball is now a sport which incentivises players and administrators alike to grow the game for the benefit of all who love and invest in it. This is a stepping stone to even greater things for the sport.”

As part of the CPA process, all eight Suncorp Super Netball teams have also secured long-term Team Licence Agreements (TLA).

With the CPA and TLA now completed, the contract signing window for all Suncorp Super Netball teams and players will open at 4:00pm AEDT today and close at 5:00pm AEDT on Tuesday 19 December 2023. Teams can sign training partners from 5:00pm AEDT on Monday 8 January 2024.

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