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Netball Australia: “Offer to pay all players”

Netball Australia has today put forward an immediate offer to pay all Suncorp Super Netball players.

Recognizing the great progress that has been made across the last few months, Netball Australia has put forward an offer to commit to those matters whilst the other outstanding matters continue to be negotiated.
The deal would see all players receive an agreed eleven per-cent pay rise across the term and back pay from October 1, while negotiations continue with the Australian Netball Players’ Association (ANPA) on an agreed revenue-share model as part of a three-year CPA deal.
It would also allow the contracting period to begin for all Suncorp Super Netball teams.
Australian Netball Players Assn President Jo Weston tweeted:

Netball Australia and the teams remain committed to a long-term agreement, with significant annual guaranteed increases to player base salaries, additional commercial earning opportunities and for the first time in the sport’s history – a revenue-share partnership.
Netball Australia has today written to ANPA inviting them to a meeting, to outline further potential concessions regarding the revenue-share model and opportunities for players to work more closely with commercial partners to grow the sport for all parties to share.
“We have listened to the players and their need for financial certainty right now,” said Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan.
“This offer we have put forward would allow them to be paid immediately, while we continue negotiations with ANPA on building a financial model for the league. We hope this will provide all parties the certainty and stability they seek.”
Pay offer details:
• Back pay with eleven per-cent pay rise in guaranteed player base salary across the term and increases of 3% on private health insurance contributions.
• A guaranteed total increase in benefits of over 23% ($1.45m) over the three-year CPA term, in addition to revenue share proposal.
• Minimum salaries will rise to $46,600 and the average salary to $86,500 over the term of the CPA.
• An increase in the minimum base salary of 10% in 2024, and then annual increases of 3%.
• Additional commercial earning potential for players through improvements to approvals and increases to commercial caps.
• Rookies: the introduction of an 11th player, whereby one nominated training partner per team is eligible for selection outside of injury or illness on a 6-month minimum salary contract.
• The establishment of a Professional Netball Committee, with formal ANPA representation to work collaboratively though new opportunities for continued progression for athletes and the growth of the league.
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