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Santander International Senior League Match Reports (26th Sept 2023)

Match reports from the Santander Isle On Man league.Premiership
Simcocks Gold Eagles 33 – 25 Thompson 1

The second game of the season saw Thompson 1, high off a win last week, play against Simcocks Gold. A newly formed team and one that was promoted last season from Championship. From the get go, you could tell it was going to be a close match.

The game began evenly with both teams mid court players bringing the ball down the court nicely for shooters to convert at both ends. With two turnovers converted by Simcocks Golds shooters Heather Parsons (GA) and Helena Allen (GS) put Simcocks Gold up 5-3 at the end of
the first quarter.

Going into the second quarter, there were a couple of changes on both sides with Maddie Butterworth coming on at WA for Thompson and Dionne Wall at C for Simcocks Gold. There was some great movement mid court from Thompsons Ella Clague (WD) and Emily Rawlins
(GD) helping bring up the ball for shooters Fern Christian (GA) and Anne-Marie Crompton (GS) to capitalize on. However Simcocks great defense duo Ciara Danes (GD) and Lizzy Power (GK) applied lots of pressure which enabled Simcocks Gold to increase their lead at half time
to 14-10.

Again some changes coming into the third quarter, Simcocks Leanne Faragher coming back on at C and Sam Dunn going into the shooting circle for Thompson. Both teams playing well, again some great defensive work on Simcocks end with the two circle defenders and Lucy
Faragher (WD) made it difficult to get the ball into the D for Thompson. Although not easy for Simcocks to convert as Molly Christian (GK) was keeping the shooters on their toes, Simcocks were able to increase their lead once again to 25-16.

Going into the final quarter so both teams starting to tire. Simcocks Helen Mason came back on at WA who worked tirelessly in the goal third to feed the shooters. Thompson were relentless with their defending and not making it easy for Simcocks, held their own with some key turnovers and good play saw the ball being played up nicely by Nan Williams (WA) and Mika Chen (WD) for the Thompson shooters to convert which actually saw them win that last quarter by 1. The final score was 33-25 to Simcocks Gold.

It was a great game and both teams played and fought hard to the end and the very well deserved POTM went to Simcocks Golds Ciara Danes (GD).
POTM: Ciara Danes (Simcocks Gold)

Castletown Spaniards 67 – 11 Ramsey Blacks
At the same time, Castletown did continue with their great attacking play with very rapid transition from Defence to Attack which Ramsey struggled to stop. The score at half time was 36-6.

Both teams made some half time changes, which offered new opportunity. Bree McLaughlin came into the defensive unit for Castletown where the pressure remained high for the Ramsey shooters. Elly-Jane Crellin (GS) & Ariana Kerruish (GA) did their best to move and offer for the ball and converted many of the chances that Ramsey earned.

Callie Cubbon (WA) and Bree Collister (C) offered great support for their shooters at the opposite end for Castletown as the score line continued to build.

In the final quarter, Ramsey C Winnie Davies and WD Molly Phillips did all they could to earn turnover opportunities, but the pressure of Castletown was ultimately too great today. A tough week for Ramsey as they come up against another well organised opposition in the

Player of the match was awarded to Hollie Charmer, GD/GK for Castletown who picked up many interceptions, placed great pressure over the shot and supported her attackers well down court.

POTM: Holly Charmer (Castletown Spaniards)

Division 2
Simcocks Silver Eagles 28 – 6 Thompson 4
Following a convincing win last week, Simcocks Silvers continued their impressive start to the season. Simcocks defenders Isla Grainger (GK) and Issy Coole (GD) made it difficult for Thompson shooters Emily Kirk (GS) and Maddison Dawson (GA) to win ball, restricting
Thompsons to just one goal in the opening quarter. At Simcocks attacking end, Fiona Kemp (WA) combined well with shooters Breesha Jenkins (GA) and Eugenie Woodhead (GS);

Woodhead displaying strength and accuracy with well-timed movements and impressive shooting. The first quarter ended 10-1 in favour of Simcocks Silvers. The second quarter saw Hannah Karran (WA) take to court for Simcocks. Karran immediately settled in with the strong midcourters of Coole, Umata Pugeva (WD) and Ella Cain (C); the youngsters displaying dominance and control; bringing the ball down the court with confidence. For Thompsons, Ava Dawson moved to GA and worked well with Amelie Aneca-Human (C); they increased their goal count with the second quarter ending 17-4.

In the third quarter Thompsons Katie Richardson moved to C. Richardson played a more defensive role, assisting Thompson defenders Ruby Oasgood (GD) and Julia Carrol (GK), thus resulting in Thompsons keeping Simcocks to just six goals. Scoreline 22-6 at the end of the
third quarter.

Thompsons continued to work tirelessly in the fourth quarter; putting pressure on every position. Ultimately though, they were outplayed by the young Simcocks team, who showed unity throughout; working together, holding their composure and coming away with a
much-deserved win.

Player of the match was Simcocks’ Isla Grainger; Grainger had an outstanding match with countless interceptions, she is definitely one to watch as the season progresses.

POTM: Isla Grainger (Simcocks Silver)

Premier Division
Ballasalla A v Simcocks Green
Route 1 Connections v Simcocks Blue
Manx Fellas v Thompson 1

Castletown Celts v Ramsey Blacks
Thompson 2 v Young Farmers
Route 1 Turbos v Investec Zebras
Marbree Misfts A v Ballasalla C

Division 1
Investec Dazzles v Simcocks Green
Manx Gems Emeralds v Ballasalla D
Castletown Jets v Route 1 Volts
Manx Gems Sapphires v Ramsey Reds

Division 2
Ramsey Scarletts v Simcocks Silver
Thompson 3 v Thompson 4
Ramsey Jets v Marbree Misfits B
Castletown Vikings v Manx Gems Corals

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