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Iona Christian: A New Chapter

Strathclyde Sirens Welcomes Iona Christian in a Trailblazing Initiative for Women’s Sports.

The Strathclyde Sirens are thrilled to announce a ground-breaking initiative in women’s sports with the signing of seasoned netball professional, Iona Christian, for the 2024 season. This step marks a significant milestone in the world of women’s sports, representing a harmonious blend of motherhood and professional athleticism.

Iona Christian is not just an extraordinary athlete with a rich history in super league and international arenas; she is also embarking on a remarkable journey of motherhood, expecting a child in early 2024. This signing is a manifestation of the Strathclyde Sirens’ commitment to holistic player development, supporting Iona as she navigates this pivotal chapter in her life.

The club, in alignment with the Scottish Institute of Sport, stands firmly beside Iona, offering her a comprehensive network of pre and post-natal training resources.

Support from the Helm

Performance Director Karen Atkinson and Head Coach Lesley MacDonald, the architects behind this initiative, voiced the essential need for athletes to have the choice and backing to decide when they are ready to return to the court. “Iona desired the option, and we are elated she will integrate into the team in a coaching role until her childbirth,” mentioned Atkinson, emphasizing the path-breaking nature of this approach.

Lesley MacDonald underscored the immense value Iona would add to the team, not just because of her considerable experience, but also for the diverse perspectives she brings, enriching the team’s dynamic further.

A Proven Strategy

Leveraging the successful return-to-court program with Claire Maxwell, the club intends to forge a supportive path for Iona, echoing their commitment to nurturing players through diverse life stages.

A Vision for the Future

This novel initiative promises to be more than just a personal triumph for Iona; it is a beacon of change, exemplifying the harmonious possibilities between motherhood and professional sports careers. It stands as a testament to the inclusive, empowering, and supportive spirit the Strathclyde Sirens foster, ushering a new era in women’s sports.

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