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New chapter for Sirens

Sirens have announced several departures ahead of the new season.

Strathclyde Sirens Announce Departure of Key Players and Embrace a New Chapter

Strathclyde Sirens, Scotland’s sole Netball Super League Franchise, today bids farewell to some of its most illustrious players, marking a pivotal moment in the club’s history. The departing players – Beth Dix, Niamh McCall, Emma Barrie, Abi Robson, Abby Tyrrell, Stella Oyella, Helen Taylor, Claire Maxwell, and Natalie Bright – have collectively been part of sirens from day one and boast an impressive 313 caps for the Sirens.

Beth Dix: A Co-Captain’s Legacy
Beth Dix, a dynamic co-captain, has been an integral part of the Sirens family for 3 years. Her leadership both on and off the court has been instrumental in the club’s journey. Beth’s remarkable career with the Sirens is marked by 54 caps, a testament to her enduring commitment.
Head Coach Lesley MacDonald pays tribute, saying, “Beth has been absolutely amazing for us. I’ve enjoyed working with her, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.”

Niamh McCall: The Long-Bomb Queen
Niamh McCall, affectionately referred to as the “Long-Bomb Queen” for her incredible long-distance shots, is venturing into new horizons. Her 62 caps for Strathclyde Sirens are a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication.

Emma Barrie: New Challenges
During her time with the Sirens, Emma amassed 49 caps, leaving an indelible mark on the club. Head coach Lesley MacDonald has this to say;

“Emma & Niamh are both massive talents. At this stage in their netball journey’s, they both need to embrace new opportunities and challenges. We are excited for what is in store for them, wish them the very best and look forward to their return to Sirens in the future”.

Stella Oyella: A Battler’s Spirit
Stella Oyella, a fighter on and off the court, is currently on a path to recovery after a season-ending ACL injury. Her journey with the Sirens while cut short was marked with a POTM award in round 2 against Severn Stars.

Abi Robson, Natalie Bright, Helen Taylor & Abby Tyrrell: New adventures
Abi, Natalie, Helen & Abby all have new adventures that lie ahead – whether that be focusing on their careers, travel or simply taking a pause on their Super League netball journey’s. We wish them well in everything that they do and look forward to seeing them on the netball court in the near future.

Claire Maxwell: A Legendary Farewell
Claire Maxwell, who has announced her retirement following the Netball World Cup this summer, leaves behind an unmatched legacy. Her 6 years at the Sirens culminated in 90 caps, representing a career that will be celebrated for generations.

As these outstanding players wave goodbye to the Strathclyde Sirens, the club eagerly anticipates a new chapter. The departures mark a poignant moment in the club’s history, but they also herald the dawn of a New Wave, with a reinvigorated squad ready to take the court.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the new-look Strathclyde Sirens as they continue to forge their path in the world of netball.


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