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First Thistles confirmed for 2024

Unveiling Anticipation: Strathclyde Sirens Gear Up for an Electrifying New Season!

Strathclyde Sirens, the sole Scottish representatives in the Super Netball League, are gearing up for the upcoming season. Known for their unwavering commitment and relentless work ethic, the Sirens have been hard at work, crafting a squad that promises to be an irresistible force on the court.

The first wave of player announcements includes four returning stars who have etched their names into Sirens’ history. These remarkable athletes, deeply intertwined with the Sirens’ DNA, have stood as pillars of strength and inspiration over the last couple of seasons. With their triumphant return, the Sirens faithful can expect a thrilling blend of experience, grit, and passion that will surely ignite the court.

They’ve Been Huge for Sirens” – Head Coach Lesley MacDonald

Head Coach Lesley MacDonald has echoed the collective excitement of Sirens’ fans. “They have been huge for Sirens over the last couple of seasons, huge individuals who are embedded into the Sirens DNA,” exclaims MacDonald. Her confidence in these returning players is palpable, setting the tone for what promises to be a remarkable season ahead.

MacDonald further emphasises, “We will again be looking for them to step up this season both on and off the court to ensure we bring together this new look team.” The synergy between the seasoned players and the fresh faces is anticipated to be a catalyst for a formidable season ahead.

Meet the Returning Heroes

Emily Nicholl: The Relentless Leader
Last season witnessed Emily’s meteoric rise as she fearlessly embraced a leadership role within the Sirens. Her dedication to driving standards both on and off the court showcased her as a beacon of inspiration. MacDonald praises her as a “fierce competitor” who relentlessly demands more from herself each season.

Her participation in the Netball World Cup in Cape Town adds a layer of experience to her profile. With fiery determination, Emily promises to set the court ablaze, leading the Sirens tribe to victory in what is predicted to be her best ever season.

Towera Vinkhumbo: The Unyielding Defender
Towera’s performance last season was nothing short of extraordinary – she reigned as the number one defender in the league, clinching the title for the most intercepts and turnovers. MacDonald beams with delight as she confirms Towera’s continued presence in the Sirens’ ranks, labelling her as an invaluable asset. As the defensive unit experiences a facelift, Towera’s leadership assumes paramount importance, ensuring the preservation of the team’s indomitable ruthlessness in defence. “She’s not just a player; she’s an embodiment of the Sirens’ fighting spirit.”

Beth Goodwin: The Versatile Shooter
Beth’s standout performance last season showcased her versatility and ingenuity in the GS position. Her journey to the Netball World Cup further enhances her arsenal of skills. Coach MacDonald’s excitement is palpable as she looks forward to the multifaceted options Bethan brings to the attacking unit. With her unpredictability, Bethan is all set to keep opponents on their toes. “She was brilliant last season, a season where she stepped up and showed who she is. Bethan is not your typical holding shooter, which brings us so many options in our attacking unit therefore I am delighted she is a Siren for the new season.”

Cerys Cairns: The Breakout Star
Cerys’s breakthrough season was a saga of determination and resilience, stepping up when the team needed her the most. Her hard work has been rewarded with a spot in the squad for the upcoming season, a testament to her unwavering commitment. Coach MacDonald’s delight in Cerys’s inclusion is evident, cementing her role as an integral part of the Sirens’ journey toward glory.

As the countdown to the new season begins, the Strathclyde Sirens’ faithful can look forward to a riveting journey that promises to be defined by grit, determination, and the sweet taste of victory. With these returning stars leading the charge, and their experiences from the Netball World Cup enhancing their prowess, the Sirens are all set to unleash a New Wave of netball excitement that will resonate for seasons to come.

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