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NWC 2023: Scotland V Barbados

Day two of 2023 Netball World Cup saw Scottish Thistles on court with Barbados in a high-intensity, must-win match for both countries.

Scotland ranked 10th have clashed with Bajan Gems ranked 11th several times over the past two years with favourable results in all meetings. The game was not a smooth start as both teams felt the pressure and need for a win to advance to the next leg of the competition.

Vice Captain, Emily Nicholl was confident of her teams’ structure and ability;
“We have played with the Corbin sisters in NSL so we are really comfortable with the change in line up within the Gems. We know this is a must-win match.”

The Scottish side took the first quarter to settle into the match after last night’s defeat from Malawi despite leading the match 3/4 quarters. Head coach Tamsin Greenway commented on her pride her the team’s performance last night and stuck with her same starting seven for game two.

First quarter finished 11-8 to Scotland. Greenway told her team;
“Nerves out, now you realise you can actually play this game.” Nicholl echoed this, “that is exactly what we expected guys, well done now let’s get this over the line.”

The second half saw the teams fight it out goal for goal. A change from the bench in the final five minutes of the half injected some energy into the but Barbados was able to chip away at the 3-goal lead from the first quarter to tie the match 23-23.

Scottish Thistles used the break to take stock and reset. Further changes from the bench by Greenway gave the Caribbean side something to think about and Scotland capitalised on the shift in momentum to start to build back their lead.

Tonight presented another physical contest on court but Scotland stood their ground and were reward for it, sealing the win in the final quarter 53-44.

Niamh McCall was awarded POM after her standout performance in goal attack and credited her performance to a “full team effort.”

Looking ahead to tomorrows clash of home nations with England (ranked 3rd) Emma Barrie says “it’s a great match to test ourselves against one of the best teams in the world and see where we are.”

Final Score 53-44





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