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Korbins set for Cape Town

Sasha and Kadeen are set to represent Barbados at this years Netball World Cup.

Speaking on the latest Netball Show Podcast with Flyhawk Sasha has been sharing more about their preparations

“The whole family is really proud”

Sasha and Kadeen Corbin are preparing to take part in the 2023 Netball World Cup – something that won’t come as a shock given their own on-court talent shown over the years. However, when this year’s tournament starts on 28th July they are set to take part for a Barbados side that faces the Roses.

Her call-up for England was back in 2007 and both she and sister Kadeen haven’t been part of an England side in a major tournament for some time so the opportunity to put on a Barbados dress was something that was taken on with passion.

The Cobins have a Caribbean and Barbados heritage and Sasha explained how the whole family felt after this news had been confirmed.

“The whole family is really proud of us and we’re so happy. We are so humbled and just proud to be able to do this and give back, share knowledge and to add value. I am hoping that this helps improve the World Netball rankings too”.

“I think this is a really, exciting time to be a part of the team. We want to improve.”

Barbados will be in Group B alongside England, Malawi, and Scotland so how does she feel that she and Kadeen will have extra UK support during the tournament?

“It’s been so nice getting encouragement from English supporters, Caribbean supporters. It’s been so nice to be recognized and put Barbados on the map in that way. I just love how the netball family really supports one another. We feel that, and I definitely think everyone’s really ready for World Cup and just seeing what all the countries can do.”

“We are just going to bring our personalities and our experience to the court and if anything, else happens (like the dance moves we saw on Sky during the season) then that’s a bonus! We are just going to enjoy it, just enjoy the ride and give as much as we can for every single game.”

All games from the 2023 Netball World Cup will be shown live on Sky Sports

Listen to the full Netball Show interview with Sasha here

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