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Lindsay Keable Retires: The legacy

Netballer Lindsay Keable retires from London Pulse

The retirement of Lindsay Keable, London Pulse’s captain and one of England’s most respected netballers, marks the end of an era in the sport. Her retirement creates an opportunity to reflect on her contributions to the game and the future of netball. In this article, we examine Keable’s legacy, her decision to retire, and what’s next for her and for the world of women’s netball.

Keable’s Legacy
Keable’s significance to British netball is undeniable. She has captained one of the top teams in the country, played for the national team, and inspired countless young players with her incredible skill and determination. Her retirement is a chance to celebrate the achievements of a remarkable athlete and consider the impact that she has had on the sport.

Keable’s decision to retire isn’t surprising given how much she’s accomplished over her career. Throughout her time playing, her hard work and dedication never wavered, which led her to fulfill many of her goals. However, with another consistant performance for London Pulse and the 250 Netball Superleague appearances Lindsay decided that the time was right to make the decision.

Keable’s Future in Netball
While Keable may have retired from playing netball, her future in the sport is far from over. She will continue to part of the London Pulse team involved in the coaching set up which is sure to benefit from her years of experience playing and as a teacher. Keable’s experience and insight will offer invaluable guidance to the next generation of players, and we’re excited to see how her work will shape the future of the sport.

Keable’s retirement may mark the end of her playing days, but it also provides an opportunity to celebrate her years of dedication to netball, Keable has forged relationships and memories that will last long after her retirement. Her impact on the sport and the people she played with is a testament to the transformative power of sports.

Her legacy stands as a testament to the potential that lies within the sport and the commitment, passion, and determination that define its players. We wish her well in the next phase of her journey and look forward to seeing how her contributions continue to shape the sport of women’s netball. Sam BIrd has already confirmed to The Netball Show that she will remain part of the team at London Pulse

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