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Sirens announce co-captains

The Strathclyde Sirens have announced that for the first time in the 2023 season they will be represented by two co-captains. Emily Nicholl and Beth Dix.Emily Nicholl has played for the Strathclyde Sirens since the clubs inception in 2017, making her an expert in all things Sirens.
Beth Dix joined the Strathclyde Sirens in 2020 and quickly became an integral part of the squad.

We caught up with both Nicholl and Dix to discuss how they are looking forward to working together this coming season.

“Firstly, it is such a huge honour to lead this group. This will be my first year assuming the role of co-captain so I don’t want to put any pressure or expectations on myself of how this role will work. I’m just looking forward to being my usual passionate self on the court and to enjoying my netball.
Beth and I are very different characters which will hopefully bring a good balance and allow us to bring the best out in each other and the team. I think our main role will first and foremost be doing our own job out on the court week in, week out and to lead by example with our intensity and strength of training.

When asked about her co-catptain, Nicholl explains;
“Beth is outgoing, a burst of energy and is very passionate about being a Siren. I think she’ll flourish in bringing the energy in and about the team.”

Reflecting on her own super power in her new leadership role, Nicholl adds;
“if you’ve seen a Sirens game, you’ll know I love to bring my voice and passion to the court. As well as the obvious, I like to think I can help drive the standards of the team to the next level and as a more experienced member of the team I’d love to be someone the team can rely on whether it’s on or off the court”.

Co-Captain Beth Dix is no stranger to a captains role with a leading role for England’s mixed and women’s dodgeball international teams in 2019. Returning for her third season with Sirens, Dix explains;

“ I’m excited to lead the squad, it’s a pleasure to be trusted with the responsibility and I hope I can do Gia some justice as she was a class act and definitely the best captain I’ve come across.
Emily and I are massive netball nerds so we have constant communication anyway which is key in this partnership – it’s all about being accountable and having honest conversations which neither of us shy away from so it’s now continuing to filter that into the squad to create a good team environment.”

“Emily and I are really similar and really different at the same time, with the common goal being that we’re both winners, we’re extremely competitive and will do whatever it takes to win so having that in common is great. And then even better that we have really different approaches to how that looks so hopefully we’ll complement each other well.”

“I would say my individual strengths are being a real people person and having strong personal connections to the squad – I’d like to think they feel comfortable to come to me with problems and concerns. And also I’m a really positive person so hopefully if players have had a tough day or game or week when they enter the team environment it will be a fun and happy environment to be in.”

“I’m hoping our individual work rate will motivate and inspire the team – as a team you work and feed off each others energy so I’m positive that will come through in the squad.”

Strathclyde Sirens will play 9 home games at Emirates Arena

Sirens vs Loughborough Lightning – Monday 20th Feb – Centre Pass 7.30pm
Sirens vs Leeds Rhinos – Saturday 4th March – Centre Pass 2pm
Sirens vs Saracen Mavericks – Friday 17th March – Centre Pass 7.30pm
Sirens vs Surrey Storm – Monday 10th April – Centre Pass 7.30pm
Sirens vs Severn Stars – Friday 14th April – Centre Pass 7.30pm
Sirens vs Team Bath – Monday 1st May – Centre Pass 7.30pm
Sirens vs London Pulse – Saturday 13th May – Centre Pass 4pm
Sirens vs Celtic Dragons – Friday 26th May – Centre Pass 7.30pm
Sirens vs Manchester Thunder – Saturday 3rd June – Centre Pass 2pm

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