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Santander International Senior League (20th November 2022)

The latest results and match reports from the Santander International Senior League in the Isle of Man.Santander International Senior League Results from 20th November,2022

Premier Division
Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards 41 Route One Connections 28
Simcocks Red Eagles 53 Thompson 1 13
Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches 30 Simcocks Blue Eagles 19

Simcocks Gold Eagles 37 Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones 17
Route One Turbos 33 Marbree Missfits 22
Thompson 2 16 Castletown Celts 25
Young Farmers 32 Castletown Spaniards 24

Division 1.
Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes 13 Manx Gems Emeralds 29
Route One Volts 23 Ramsey Blacks 37
Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts 19 Simcocks Green Eagle 14

Division 2.
Castletown Jets 32 Ramsey Scarlets 20
Manx Gems Corals 21 Ramsey Reds 15
Atla Group Panthers 22 Castletown Vikings 19

Simcocks Blue Eagles,19 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches,30
POTM Zoe Kirkham for Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches
It was a slightly different line up for both teams that took to court, most noticeable was that Suntera Ballasalla started with only 6 players; unusually choosing to leave the GS position vacant! Despite this, the Ballasalla attack of Clair Barks (WA) and Jane Ryder-Clague (C) were able to work the ball around before Mairi Harrison (GA) sunk a long range shot to give Ballasalla an early lead. This lead was only short lived with the Simcocks shooting duo of Erin Keggin and Poppy Irving working well in the circle to equalise. The arrival of Gemma Kirkham for GS settled the game and play became less frantic and more structured, but it was Simcocks who led at quarter time 7-5.

Simcocks made a few changes in the second quarter, showing the depth and versatility of their squad. Ella Crowe moved from centre to GA and Helen Mason took the C position. Ella Crowe adapted quickly and made some great shots, but the Ballasalla defence of Zoe Kirkham and Ella Carridge held them to the circle edge and delayed the pass into the circle which resulted in a few turnovers for Ballasalla and a half time score of 13-12 in their favour.

The third quarter started with more changes for the Simcocks side, Megan Howland at WD and Claire Belcher-Smith at C and there was some really nice netball played linking attack with defence. However the Ballasalla shooting duo had found their form and despite some great defensive efforts from Vivia Duffy (GD) and Ellan Charmer (GK), Ballasalla were able to stretch their lead to end the quarter 21-15.
The final quarter started with the same intensity as the first and the Ballsalla defence of Rachel Quayle (WD), Ella Carridge (GD) and Zoe Kirkham (GK) made it increasingly difficult for the ball to find the Simcocks shooters. The loss of Ella Carridge from GD forced some changes to the Ballasalla line up, but playing with 6 players yet again, resulted in everyone stepping up the intensity and the final score was 30-19 to Sunterra Ballasalla with Zoe Kirkham earning a very well deserved player of the match.

Simcocks Gold Eagles,37 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones,17
Keen to maintain their winning streak, Simcocks Gold started strongly, scoring the first goals of the game through GS Aailish Kelly and GA Helena Allen. Ballasalla GA Georgia Nelson scored Ballasalla’s first 2 goals. Quarter score 7-2 to Simcocks.
A few changes throughout the game for Simcocks proved beneficial with the second quarter being much more in their favour. Fantastic feeds into the circle from C Ella Crowe and WA Ella Page saw Simcocks take their lead further to 17-7 at half time.
Simcock defence showed great defensive pressure through GK Megan Howland, GD Lucy Faragher and Lizzy Power making many interceptions. Ballasalla responded well with the opposite end defence of Janet Sayle and Victoria Walton putting much pressure on the Simcocks attack. Sharp shooting from both teams made a 28-11 score going into the final quarter.

Stepping back out for the final quarter Ballasalla had fire in their belly and displayed a great improvement in their play and scored some stunning goals. However, it was little too late where Simcocks maintained a great display of netball and denied Ballasalla the half score point. Player of the match was awarded to Simcocks GK Megan Howland

Division 1
Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts,19 v Simcocks Green Eagles,14
Quarter 1 saw a very end to end game with both teams making the most of their chances. Simcocks’ movement of the ball down the court was slick with Emily Osbourn and Michaela Harris combining well. At the other end Lily Gell and Lucy Radcliffe worked the ball around the circle swiftly, creating goal scoring opportunities. Simcocks led at quarter time 5-4
Ballasalla had the 1st centre of the 2nd quarter and quickly worked the ball into the circle to level the score. An interception at the edge of the Simcocks attacking circle from Ballasalla’s Annabelle Clague led to Ballasalla taking the lead. Attacking opportunities were created for Simcocks after some interceptions from Freya DeBacker and Neve Moyer who worked the ball down the court through Mia Pearson and Hannah Skehan, but the defensive unit of Gemma White and Amy Gelling kept Simcocks scoring to a minimum and allowed Ballasalla to extend their lead. Halftime Ballasalla led 14-6
Simcocks made some changes to their set up for the 3rd quarter moving Michaela Harris out to GA, Hannah Ashton stepping in to GD, and Emily Osbourn moving to GS. These changes had a positive impact on the game for Simcocks and more shooting chances were created and converted. Ballasalla were forced to change their attacking circle due to an injury to Lily Gell but Lucy Radcliffe combined well with Charlotte Thompson and Annalise Mellor and continued to add to the Ballasalla total. The quarter ended 17-11 to Ballasalla.
The final quarter was again end to end Netball with every player displaying total commitment. Ballasalla forced Simcocks to recycle the ball several times through their GK. Interceptions were made at both ends of the court but both teams often struggled to convert. Freya DeBacker for Simcocks and Gemma White for Ballasalla both had exceptional games at GK, making a number of valuable interceptions at crucial points in the game, but it was Annabelle Clague who was awarded POTM for her tireless work rate and reading of the game.

Division 2.
Ramsey Scarlets,20 v Castletown Jets,32
Both teams were keen to get on court and Castletown won the first centre pass. However, this was quickly intercepted by Ramsey and turned over, leading to Elly-Jane Crellin(GA) scoring the first goal. Throughout the first quarter, pressure was put on by both teams and the goals were being matched very evenly. Great shooting by Ruby Watterson(GS) from Castletown led to Jets winning the first quarter 6-5.
Castletown started with the ball in the second quarter and great work from their WA and WD made the ball travel down the court smoothly and quickly. Jets put on great pressure from the start, preventing Ramsey from getting the ball down court. Regular interceptions from Summer Sadler(GD) lengthened the time taken for Ramsey to get the ball down to the shooters and prevented them from passing into the circle. The final score for the quarter was 13-10 to the Jets.
Following a half time chat, Ramsey made no changes to the team and were determined to keep up with their opponents. However, Castletown started very strong and throughout the quarter scored 7 goals. Scarlets maintained a 5 goal increase from the last quarter however loopy passes and great interceptions from the Jets caused the ball to be turned over multiple times, leaving Jets with a 9 goal lead of 23-14.
Coming into the last quarter, Ramsey were determined to bring back this difference and Erin Corkill(GS) and Elly-Jane Crellin(GA) worked together to score 6 goals throughout the quarter. Scarlets played a much stronger game in the last few minutes, however Castletown proved too strong and took the win 32-20. Well deserved POTM went to Callie Cubbon from the Jets.

Next Week’s fixtures: 4th December,2022
Manx Fellas v Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches 9am NSC
Route One Connections v Simcocks Red Eagles 10am NSC
Thompson 1 v Atla Group Pumas 10am SNLS
Simcocks Blue Eagles v Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards 11am NSC

Marbree Missfits v Simcocks Gold Eagles 9am NSC
Thompson 2 v Manx Gems Sapphires 9am SNLS
Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones v Young Farmers 12pm NSC
Castletown Celts v Route One Turbos 12pm NSC

Division 1.
Manx Gems Emeralds v Ramsey Blacks 10am SNLS
Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts v Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes 11am NSC
Simcocks Green Eagles v Route One Volts 11am SNLS

Division 2.
Ramsey Scarlets v Manx Gems Corals 9am SNLS
Castletown Vikings v Castletown Jets 10am NSC
Ramsey Reds v Atla Group Panthers 11am SNLS


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