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Santander International Senior League (06th Nov 2022)

The latest results and match reports from the Santander International Senior League in the Isle of Man.
Santander International Senior League

Premier Division
Thompson 1 23 Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards 34
Route One Connections 20 Simcocks Blue Eagles 23
Atla Group Pumas 33 Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches 30

Marbree Missfits 26 Thompson 2 16
Simcocks Gold Eagles 37 Castletown Spaniards 30
Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones 22 Route One Turbos 20
Castletown Celts 30 Manx Gems Sapphires 23

Division 1
Route One Volts 22 Manx Gems Emeralds 19
Ramsey Blacks 27 Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts 24
Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes 17 Simcocks Green Eagles 26

Division 2
Manx Gems Corals 18 Atla Group Panthers 24
Castletown Vikings 31 Ramsey Scarlets 23
Ramsey Reds 16 Castletown Jets 33

Thompson 1 23 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards,34
POTM Ashley Hall for Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards
With Thompson missing a few players. Mika Chen (C) stepped on to the centre circle after Thompson won the toss. Thompson started well but an interception saw Balla with the ball. Thompson’s Annemarie Crompton(GK) took a rebound and connected well with Hannah Clague (WD) the ball was passed down the court to the Thompson shooting circle of Fern Christian (GA) and Sam Dunn(GS) which saw Thompson take the first goal. The first quarter was end to end and saw the score 8 all at quarter time.

In the second quarter it was again a well matched quarter with the mid court for both teams giving accurate feeds into both shooting circles. Ballasalla made some good turn overs which meant the score was 15-13 at half time.

Both teams made some positional switches going into the third quarter, this gave Thompson something different to think of and it took them some time to find their feet. Thompson found form nearing the end of the third quarter, but Balla had pushed hard which meant they took a 6 goal lead into the final quarter .

Stepping back out for the final quarter Thompson had some fire in their belly and an intercept from Molly Christian (GD) saw Thompson turn Balla’s centre pass over, she linked with (WA) Ella Clague which saw Thompson score from this. The game continued to be a highly competitive game which saw Balla win the game 34-23 POTM was Ashley Hall.

Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones,22 v Route One Turbos, 20
POTM Lisa McMullin for Route One Turbos
Sunday’s game was an intense game with Route 1 Turbos. During the first quarter Turbos dominated the game. However, The Ballasalla girls never gave up, as their defensive team were working extremely hard and well together. GK, Victoria Watson and GD, Shrav Sivakumar were receiving rebounds at every opportunity which gave them hope for the remaining game.
In the second quarter Balla recovered and evened the score between themselves and the opposing team. The shooting circle worked cohesively together and didn’t miss a shot despite the opposing team’s best efforts. Route 1 Turbos’ attacking team was resilient and attempted as many interceptions as they could but unfortunately they struggled to take ownership of the ball.

By the third quarter Ballasalla Cyclones had swapped positions however, this didn’t go in their favour as they still found themselves behind 14-18 at the end of the quarter.
The last quarter saw more fast pace play and the Ballasalla girls started taking control of the game.The midcourt players brought the ball flawlessly down the court and Balla’s shooters were unwavering in their shots and they finally saw there efforts rewarded as they managed to take the lead and hold onto it as they took a 22-20 win over Turbos. It was amazing to have so much support for both teams on the sidelines, especially in the final quarter.

Division 1
Simcocks Green Eagles,26 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes,17
POTM Michaela Harris for Simcocks Green Eagles
A young Simcocks Green team made their club proud today. The squad of 10 worked their socks off to secure a 26-17 win over Ballasalla Earthquakes.
With an abundance of shooters in the Simcocks team, a mix and match approach was deemed appropriate to ensure everyone had an opportunity to play in their chosen position.
The first quarter saw Osbourn and Barker work well together and take the Simcocks team to a clear lead. Ballasalla’s mid court players made some exceptional interceptions, warranting the Simcocks girls to work hard and bring the ball up the court.

Ballasalla’s defence were strong at holding their players and moving into space, making Skehan (playing C) think about her passing and lead runs. However, with Coole’s exceptional movement and Osbourn’s accuracy, the Simcocks girls scored a further 7 goals to maintain their lead.

The well-oiled pairing of Steriopulos and De Backer in Simcocks defence proved too good to enable Ballasalla from getting the ball into their shooting circle during the third quarter.
The final quarter saw another switch of players for the Simcocks team, but they maintained momentum, attacked with more confidence and continued to play some excellent netball.
Player of the match, Harris, ensured steady play throughout the game. She not only shot some excellent goals, but fed challenging balls into the circle and defended when necessary.

Division 2
Manx Gems Corals,18 v Atla Group Panthers,24
POTM Kirsten McIntosh for Atla Group Panthers
Atla Group Panthers started the game with only 5 players and unfortunately Island Tyres and Autocare Manx Gems Corals could not capitalise on this advantage and went into the second quarter with only a one goal lead.

A couple of changes for Corals and a full team for Atla Group and it was an even game with great work from Corals Ellie Treanor (C) and Emily Brown (WA)bringing the ball down court and feeding the shooters Sienna Thatcher (GS) and Lucy Brown (GA).
The first half finished 9-12 to Atla Group after some excellent shooting from Mandy Hunter (GS)and Ashleigh Varrar-Lewis (GA). The third quarter saw both teams continue to push forward, with some excellent passing plays through to the attacking third. With some silly footwork calls and forced passes, Corals were unable to close the gap with Atla still in the lead with a 13-17 score going into the final quarter.

Throughout the match there was some great defensive work from Abi Campbell (WD) and Julia Matyjasik (GK) but Rachel Mackintosh worked tirelessly through court to earn herself player of the match and saw the game finish 18 -24 to Atla Group Panthers.

Santander International ,Senior League Fixtures
Date; 20th November,2022

Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards v Route one Connections 10am NSC
Simcocks Red Eagles v Thompson 1 10am SNLS
Atla Group Pumas v Manx Fellas 11am NSC
Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches v Simocks Blue Eagles 11am SNLS

Simcocks Gold Eagles v Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones 9am NSC
Route One Turbos v Marbree Missfits 10am NSC
Thompson 2 v Castletown Celts 9am SNLS
Young Farmers v Castletown Spaniards 11am NSC

Division 1.
Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes v Manx Gems Emeralds 10am NSC
Route One Volts v Ramsey Blacks 10am SNLS
Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts v Simcocks Green Eagles 12pm NSC

Division 2.
Castletown Jets v Ramsey Scarlets 9am SNLS
Manx Gems Corals v Ramsey Reds 11am SNLS
Atla Group Panthers v Castletown Vikings 12pm NSC



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