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The Netball Show with Flyhawk

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IWD 2022 : Building A Brand

The latest Netball Show with Flyhawk.

Our celebrations of Women in Sport continues with another chance to hear from Steph Essex and Stacey Francis-Bayman

Flyhawk are a female founded custom netball dress design and sportswear brand.
We hear from MD Steph Essex and ambassador Stacey Francis-Bayman as we continue to celebrate International Womens Day with a week of special trailblazers in the sport

We continue to mark IWD 2022 with our week of special podcasts.

This week we are also part of the Sky programme guide in the UK so if you have Sky HD, Sky HD, or Sky Glass head to Sport –> Highlights –> and International Women’s Day. You can find us towards the base of this list.

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