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R6: Sirens Vs Storm

Delays hit the start of the play by an hour but at least Beth Dix was on hand! After some slight technical difficulties which delayed the start of play by an hour, the Sirens came out fighting and strong, scoring the first two goals and showing that they were out to win.

Mind you ……………….


With strong pressure all throughout the court from the Sirens they were able to finish the first quarter 18-15 to the Sirens. Coming into the second quarter the Sirens continued with their same starting 7, in hopes to keep the same strong flow that they began the match with. Both McCall and Goodwin were having absolute stormers of a match and were working for the circle, keeping Storms defense on their toes and giving them a run for their money.

Unfortunately, time had to be called with 9 minutes of the quarter remaining when the court began to lift and had to be re-laid. Once play was restarted the Sirens came back with that same fight and drive that they started the match off with and managed the gain a lead of 9 goals at one point. Storm were able to disrupt this rhythm slightly and the game ended the second quarter 33-30 to Sirens.

Leading into the third quarter there was no squad changes. Continued strong play from the Sirens kept Storm working hard and some very close play throughout the quarter. Towards the end of the quarter McKevitt came off and Maxwell came on as WD to switch up the play and try to further push the scoreline away from Storms favor. Play began to tighten up in this quarter and saw it go to a draw at one point. Support from the crowd and hard work from the team helped to keep spirits high and saw the third quarter end 48-46 to Sirens.

The final quarter saw Barrie come onto GS with Goodwin coming off. The final quarter had its highs and lows for the Sirens and was the true definition of a nail biter. Play remained incredibly close for the entire quarter and was a real toss-up of who would take away the win. All ends from the Sirens put in that fight and kept their intensity at a high, with Nicoll even getting a warning at one point. All the hard work ad support from the fans paid off and the Sirens managed to steal away the game with a final score of 59-57 to the Sirens.

Match Report : Sirens
Pic : Surrey Storm Twitter

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