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R5: Sirens Vs Lightning

The Sirens faced off against defending VNSL champions, Loughborough Lightning in their third home game of the season.

Early and fierce pressure from Lightning meant they crept off with an early lead from the start of the match, gaining a head of 6 goals in the first five minutes. This didn’t get the Sirens down and they continued to give it 100% and steadily began to close that gap with some amazing intercepts from Nicholl helping to turn the center passes. Hard work from the Sirens led them to finish the first quarter 11-16 to Lightning.

Going into the second quarter the Sirens continued with their same starting seven to keep the flow as smooth as the first quarter. From the very start of the quarter, it was clear how badly both teams wanted this win and match play remained extremely intense throughout the quarter. Halfway through the quarter we saw Vinkhumbo come on in place on Conway in GK to add some fresh legs to the court and change up play within the defending end. Vinkhumbo made an immediate difference and bagged some impressive interceptions. Unfortunately for the Sirens they couldn’t quite snatch the lead and went into halftime with the score being 33-24 to Lightning.

Moving into the third quarter the Sirens brought Maxwell into WD and moved McKevitt forward into C. The intensity of the previous quarters did not dwell in the third quarter, both teams were fighting their absolute hardest and the Sirens really held their own in this quarter against the defending champs. Hard work from the Sirens saw them finish off the quarter with a score of 44-36 to Lightning.

In the final quarter Boyle moved into WA and Abernethy moved back into C after a strong fight on court Goodwin came off and Barrie made her 2022 VNSL debut in GS. Despite all their best-efforts Sirens were unable to pull it back and the final score was 61-48 to Lightning. It was an incredible performance from both teams and the Sirens really held their own and fought down to the very last second making it a brilliant game to watch and one they should be proud of.

“ It was a physical battle against a quality Loughborough lightning side, disappointed with the score to go out as much as it did as I feel like we could’ve taken them all the way”
– Niamh McCall

Match Report : Sirens
Pic :Jamie Williamson @jwilliamsonpix

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