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Competition is Back

Karen Rollo, Executive Manager of Netball NI has shared her thoughts on the competition being back.

“After almost 2 years our competitive leagues returned at the end of January. With 21 leagues running across all age groups and new clubs entering for the first time, it’s a bright return for our sport, and while it’s been a long time, it also feels like we’ve never been away!!

I don’t know about you all, but certainly driving to my first match of the season I was definitely as equally nervous as I was excited… something I’ve been doing pretty much my whole life still has that effect on me. But, as soon as I was on court with my teammates, threw my first pass and caught my first ball, it was all good. While the result didn’t go our way (I’ll get over it, eventually!), seeing netballers outside my own club, catching up with umpire friends and watching everyone being so happy being back on the court doing what we love (although 15mins really seems way longer than it did before!), really made me smile.

Since then, it’s been non-stop – like many, it’s not just 1 team I’m involved with, we work as unit supporting all the teams in our club, not to mention the umpiring side of things. It’s back to netball, netball, netball and while it’s been busy, I’m so appreciative of being able to say, ‘I can’t, I’ve got netball’, and coming home to a stream of local netball content on my social media feeds. Following the Superleague/Suncorp/ANZ teams etc is amazing but nothing beats seeing our clubs in action!

We couldn’t be back without the support of our clubs and members, the work everyone has done to get us here as safely as possible has not gone unnoticed and Netball NI are so thankful for the work you do and the effort you’ve put in. 5 rounds in and roughly 10 weeks to go across the leagues, we’re delighted to keep everyone busy and love seeing your photos and match posts across our socials, please keep them coming!”

Article : Netball NI Website
Photo shows Bangor 1 v Phoenix 1
Credit: Bangor Spectator

Bangor players: Shannon Garvan, Lucie Young
Phoenix players: Lauren Cozzo, Lauren Mooney, Karen Rollo

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