The government has announced a number of changes to the COVID-19 regulations with England Netball seeking further advice before updating members.

These include reducing the numbers allowed to play team sports indoors to a maximum of six people (excluding U18s and elite athletes) from 24 September.

As a sport that relies heavily on the use of indoor courts, we have formally written to the Government to urgently seek rationale on this new restriction, having so far had no confirmed cases of COVID-19 as a direct result of indoor netball activity.

After gaining extensive medical advice, we developed and implemented modifications to the game to keep the Netball Family safe. After then getting sign off from the Government on these modifications, we were disappointed to hear of these additional restrictions which will massively impact women and girls returning to activity and getting back on court.

Before updating our guidance and the Netball Family, we are first seeking further information and rationale from the Government on this. As part of our letter to the Government today we have urged them to reconsider their current position or asked them to work with us to find an alternative proposal to ensure the safety of the Netball Family whilst continuing to keep indoor facilities unlocked for netball provision.

We have requested an urgent response from the Government and will provide you with an update in the next 24 hours.

For now, England Netball are advising that Stage 4 guidelines are followed on outdoor courts only as they seek further clarification on the indoor restrictions (U18s are exempt from this rule and can continue netball activity indoors).