Documents regarding the return to play in Northern Ireland can be found here

Netball NI Return to Play Procedures

Following on from our club forum and update email issued 9th July, we have now approved all the ‘Return to Play’ documents attached. These documents are to support the work of the Covid Officers and Committee within your club.

Reminder: it is compulsory for every club to have a Covid Officer in place prior to commencing any training. The online course is available via Certificates must be forwarded to Netball NI, Clubs and Community Officer Lisa Rickett,  before clubs will be permitted to return to training.

The documents are:

  1. Club forum July 2020.pptx
  2. NNIReturnToPlayRoadmapJUL2020 final.pdf
  3. Netball NI Covid-19 Player Guidelines July 20.docx
  4. Netball NI Covid-19 Template risk assessment July 20.docx
  5. Netball NI Covid-19 Template self assesssment form July 20.docx
  6. Netball NI Covid-19 Officer roles and responsibilities.docx
  7. Netball NI Covid-19 Additional Club Guidance.docx
  8. Copy-of-Contact-Tracing-Register (1).xlsx
  9. NNISanitisingYourBALL final.pdf
  10. U12 covid training 2020 CO Newcastle Shooters.pptx
  11. Covid-19-Resource-Pack.pdf
  12. 9.11-NI-Exec-1-Wash-your-hands.pdf9.12-NI-Exec-2-keep-you-distance.pdf

The documents, excluding the forum recap. should be used as follows:

1. Roadmap – as NI residents, we are currently in phase 3 of the roadmap. We recognise that while summer time is traditionally a downtime period for club activity, many of our clubs do undertake a pre season training schedule that may begin around August time. If clubs wish to undertake this activity outdoors, that is your decision and is not under Netball NI guidance. We strongly recommend that if you are planning to do this as clubs, you complete all the required protocols we have in place for a return to indoor activity. Indoor netball activity is still currently suspended but we do hope to provide a further update on this very soon. We will provide updates as to when we have moved to stage 4 and then stage 5 on the Roadmap.

2.Player Guidelines – please distribute these guidelines to every member of your club, ask them to read, sign and return a copy for your club to keep in accordance with your GDPR policy.

3.Risk Assessment template – this is a comprehensive document and much of it will be covered by the protocols within your training venue. Please complete in advance of your first session and return to Netball NI, Clubs and Community Officer Lisa Rickett, No club will be permitted to return to training until this has been received.

4.Self Assessment template – every club member, coach, volunteer etc must complete this form prior to being admitted to a training session. Clubs must retain these documents in line with their GDPR policy. We recommend retaining these documents until such time as a member has left the club or we have medical and government advice that Covid-19 is no longer a risk.

5.Covid Officer Roles and responsibilities – Guidelines as to what is required of a Covid Officer. Please note, while there must be at least 1 named Officer per club, it is the responsibility of the club committee to support the work of the Covid Officer.

6. Additional Club Guidance – General information that will support your club in it’s return.

7. Contact Tracing Template – an electronic copy of this should be kept to support any requirement for tracing.

8. Sanitising netballs – please ensure all netballs are sanitised regularly throughout sessions and equipment sharing is minimal.

9. U12 Covid Training – Newcastle Shooters having completed the required Sport Ireland Covid training have created an U12 friendly presentation that they have allowed us to share. We recommend all senior members and junior parents complete the Sport Ireland training and are happy that the presentation Newcastle Shooters have shared is appropriate and valuable for your younger members. It will help explain the current situation and hopefully provide confidence in their return to netball in as safe an environment as we can make with all members playing their part.

10. Sport NI Resource pack – these are posters created by Sport NI that you can use at your sessions to reinforce the safety measures in place

11. NI Executive Posters – posters that can be used at your sessions to reinforce the safety measures that must be taken.

We recognise there is a lot of information to take in. Please be assured we are issuing these protocols not to cause extra work for our members but because we know that our sport is one that comes with higher risks than say an outdoor or individual sport and we want to support you all as best we can to return to play as safely as possible.

In order to support your return, Netball NI will be running online sessions to cover the use of the documents and go through the protocols. Clubs will be allocated to a session based on your usual training night and they are open to all your members and junior parents not just Covid Officers or Committee Members. We want to ensure that all our members understand the protocols in place and are comfortable returning to play. We will be in touch over the coming weeks with details on these sessions. If you are unable to attend the session you are allocated, you can of course attend another session.

Please ensure all members of your club are advised of this update and thank you for your continued patience and adherence to our suspension of indoor netball activity.

Netball NI Update on return to play