The team at Netfit have launched another exciting project.

Feeling lonely?

We hear you and feel it too!

We have been putting our heads together to think how we at NETFIT, can continue to support all of the Netball community physically but also mentally throughout the next stages of lockdown… In steps the NETFIT Exchange Program!

How it works:

Step 1: Register your details on the NETFIT Netball website to be matched with another NETFITTER from around the world

Step 2: NETFIT will assign you, your new training partner, pen pal, motivator and mate to help you get through the next steps of lockdown.

Step 3: Complete the NETFIT Comeback Challenge and a weekly task with your NETFIT exchange pal and join our NETFIT Zoom each week with Sarah Wall, Kim Green and other special guests!

Step 4: Tag someone you think may love the NETFIT Exchange Program!

See you at the NETFIT Exchange!

We are delighted to share the news that we will be speaking to Sarah Wall about this exciting and latest way that Netfit are connecting players around the world on next weeks podcast