Surrey Storm have become the first Superleague side to launch a podcast ahead of the new season.

Surrey Storm are celebrating the news that they are the first team in the Superleague to launch a podcast with the latest from Surrey Sports Park ahead of the 2020 season.

As a founding team of the league here in the UK, the Brunel Hurricanes changed to Surrey Storm in 2009 and the franchise has been a key part to the ever  league since. Storm winning the title back-to-back in 2015 and 2016

The podcast will celebrate everything Surrey Storm and speak to members of the team over the years. Episode one includes Mikki Austin’s thoughts on being Director of Netball at this time and current Collingwood Magpie Geva Mentor who also played for Storm in her career.

The Surrey Storm Podcast with PlayerLayer will be the ideal place for Surrey Storm fans around the world to keep up to date with news direct from their club first once the season begins with post-match interviews and news from their NPL sides direct from Surrey Sports Park

Andy Lamb , creator of the podcast  and also behind “The Netball Show”, which has provided weekly updates on the league since 2017,  said.

“The Surrey Storm Podcast with PlayerLayer once again shows how the team at Surrey Sports Park are constantly trying new things to promote the Sport and I’ve always been a supporter of the innovative things the team have done over the years there. “

“Whether this is selling out the Copperbox for London Live events, or their fan engagement, both have been a vital part to raise awareness of the game over the years. Not to mention my favourite combination on court of Cookey, Greenway, Dunn !. Storm fans are a special bunch and when I was asked to assist in this it was something i was keen to help get up and running – I am impartical on The Netball Show but on these podcasts I am 100% Storm!”

Emily Nemeth – who’s Storms current Superleague co-coach and in charge of Pathway joins Andy on the podcast with her unique insights into players times at the club

“I suppose you can call me Grandma Storm” she tells us in episode one” it really is a huge part of my life and it’s nice to still be a part of it”

“It’s very much a podcast for fans too. You are free to get in touch with names of ex players we’ll try and speak to, get in touch with memories of your favourite games and there will naturally be a surprise or two along the way as well. Storm is a club with a fantastic history and when you step back and look at some of the names that have been involved over the years it’s worth celebrating”

Mikki Austin , Storms current Director of Netball recognises the importance of launching the podcast ahead of the season

The Surrey Storm Podcast with Player Layer is available in iTunes and everywhere you get podcasts from including Spotify and TuneIn by searching “Surrey Storm Podcast”

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