NWC 2019 Podcasts

The Netball Show at Netball World Cup 2019

The Netball Show enjoyed a hugely successful home Netball World Cup that took place in Liverpool from 12–21 July 2019.

Our daily updates proved there was a demand for a UK based netball podcast (and we were the only ones updating in this time)

01st Aug
Join Sacha, Nat, Andy and Chloe as we reflect back on the 2019 Netball World Cup

25th July
Tamsin Greenway and Hannah Wilkes reflect on the Netball World Cup

22nd July
New Zealand are this years Netball World Cup winners

21st July
Jenny Woods and Pivoteer Nicky Price and much more

20st July
The latest reaction from the Netball World Cup

19th July
England Netball president Lindsay Sartori (Part 02)