England win in South Africa

Reaction and reflection from Sacha and Nat on the England test 2-1 victory.

Sky Sports did…

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Jo Vann

Ahead of the Big Showdown next weekend we hear from Team Bath’s new head coach…

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England In South Africa

The Roses head to South Africa and the latest from the Newfield Senior League.


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Mikki Austin

Storm’s Mikki Austin on their pre-season and Karen Greig on Thunder’s Invitational tournament

Listen to the…

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Anna Carter

Anna Carter with the latest from Leeds Rhinos and Tamsin joins us to preview this…

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Ama Agbeze

Ama speaks to us about her decision to join Stars and *that* amazing birthday cake!…

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Sue Gaudion

Sue is spending time with Sirens in their pre-season and also part of “An Audience…

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Fran Connolly

Fran Connolly is confirmed as the new CEO of England Netball – An extended interview…

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Gretel Tippett

Gretel shares her memories of the Netball World Cup in Liverpool

We are joined for…

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Jess Thirlby

The England coach brings us up to date with the recent tour and players taking…

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