As Surrey Storm launch their digital membership the Surrey Storm Podcast has reached a new landmark.

Since December last year the Surrey Storm Podcast launched as the first solo Netball Superleague Podcast here bringing you weekly updates from the club and speaking to ex-players to look back on their time with the franchise.

The podcast is hosted by Andy Lamb and Emily Nemeth and since launch last year they have obtained an ever increasing audience with over 5000 downloads and 60 episodes bringing fans of the club closer than ever before.

“I think being the first team to do this here in the UK has once again shown Storms vision for something like this. Being a fan myself (and I dont have to sit on the fence on this one) has really helped and we have found out so many stories behind key games and discovered the stories including Vinny The Hamster!” – Andy said

“We have seen todays launch of the Surrey Storm Digital Membership and I was delighted to be able to join in this offering fans the chance to get involved with the podcast in future episodes by allowing full interaction in terms of submitting questions and lots of other things that we are looking to share but we need some technicals sorting on that first”