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Sirens Lifestyle launches

Strathclyde Sirens are thrilled to launch their new Sirens Lifestyle brandThe Sirens Lifestyle band will bring all things netball, fitness, health and well-being, fashion, nutrition and more to our fans and members across Scotland.

Over the past few months our sport has never faced a greater challenge than COVID-19. However, with every set back comes an opportunity. Now more than ever we need Strathclyde Sirens to support the recovery and rebuild of netball in Scotland, but also to support women and girls who have been impacted by COVID personally: from poorer mental and physical health, to increased feelings of anxiety and loneliness, many of us have felt the effects that this pandemic has wreaked through the fabric of our society.

So, we want to use our platform to create a powerfully connected community by bringing you digital content that will help you to live your best life. We will curate the best tips, advice and ideas from across a range of lifestyle areas to help our Fans – the #SirensTribe -, Netball Scotland Members and our online audience emerge out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’ of everyday living. From how to cope with going back to school (for students AND parents!) to interview prep and savings advice, right through to recipes, workouts, shopping and style tips, Sirens Lifestyle will have something for everyone and aims to be a daily dose of support and positivity.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that over the coming weeks we will also be launching a brand new fitness and nutrition programme, a new official sportswear and retail partnership, and a new product launch that we have been working on during the summer. All will be revealed across our Strathclyde Sirens social media channels in due course.

As we have said since our launch back in 2017, we are far more than just a Team in a League, and we are proud to prove this once again through the launch of Sirens Lifestyle.

#EverybodyIn #TogetherWeAreNetball