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George Fisher

George has been speaking to us on the day it was confirmed she is joining ANZ side Steel for 2021

George Fisher has been telling the Netball Show more about her move to New Zealand as she prepares to join Steel.

“it’s it’s going to be a completely different lifestyle change, but I’m excited for that. I’m excited to experience it.”

George also recognises the importance of Mavericks and Turnford in her career to date. Speaking about Mavericks she explains.

“I feel like they’ve given me so much support and also like they are also like family – training wise they’ve given me loads and loads of support. ”

The Netball Show spoke to George during a break in England camp and she is pleased to be back training with the rest of the Roses.

“It’s it’s so nice to be able to have the opportunity to sort of train together as a squad again as well.”

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