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Manu’a Decision

Netball Australia have issued the following after discussions were held about the incident.

Discussions regarding the warning and subsequent suspension of GIANTS Netball goal defence Kristiana Manu’a were held yesterday with the umpires involved in Wednesday night’s match (Sunshine Coast Lightning vs GIANTS Netball) and Netball Australia’s high-performance umpire coaches.

Following these discussions, it has been determined:
• The umpires followed the correct procedure when managing the warning, suspension and ordering off of a player, as provided within the game management rules.

• A discussion was held at the half-time break between the umpires, captain and infringing player which clarified a) that a warning was given, and b) that any further infringement in the same manner would result in a suspension.

• When the player who was warned subsequently repeated the specific action again, the co-umpire was bound to then progress with a suspension.

• Early in the final quarter, the player repeated the action in the same way for a third time. As per Rule 13.1.4 the umpire ordered the player off the court following the suspension.

• As per Rule 13.1.4 (ii), a player who has been ordered off may not take any further part in the match and must immediately leave the court.

• It was determined the umpires applied the International Netball Federation rules correctly in line with how they interpreted the play on court.

• Discussions have also been held with GIANTS Netball Head Coach Julie Fitzgerald outlining the above.

• No further action in regard to Wednesday night’s incident will be taken.

The umpires, coaches and players will continue to work closely at training sessions and during reviews of matches and post-match discussions to ensure that questions or issues of interpretation can be discussed.

Suncorp Super Netball and Netball Australia remain confident in the world class standard of all umpires within the high-performance umpire program currently umpiring the Suncorp Super Netball season. The opportunity to bring through emerging umpire talent from across Australia this season has provided an excellent pathway for umpires, as it has for players.