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Cat Tuivaiti

Cat speaks about joining NW Panthers and reflecting on her time at Sirens in this special Netball Show episode

Last week Head Coach of the NW Panthers Melissa Bessell told us first about Cat joining NW Panters in Chester – we can now get Cat’s thoughts on joining and also she reflects on her time at Sirens

Tuivaiti : Still in Contact

“I watch their games as much as they could and reaching out to them as much as I could. I had a relatively short time there but it was nice. I talk to them quite a bit.”

Cat left Sirens when she fell pregnant with Bash – her first child – and is currently in lockdown in Italy with her husband Jimmy where she spoke to the podcast.

“Naturally they’re (Sirens) are all just training and just waiting to get back out on court.”

Cat was also asked about the differences in Suncorp, ANZ and our Superleague
“To come over and to see how the Sirens machine ran it was interesting and I think the most exciting part of it was being part of such a great group of people.”

“(it was about) how things can be done different and it was cool to see how the organisation try things that have never been done before in order to grow the game.”

Cat also shares a story from training that includes Emma Barrie to the podcast

The Netball Show podcast was established in 2017 and provides weekly updates from the league. They were shortlisted in this year’s Sports Journalism Awards and were the only independent production alongside the BBC and talkSport.