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2020 BLOG : Lindsay Keable

In our first blog for 2020 we catchup with Lindsay Keable from London Pulse.

Wow… 2020 VNSL season.. what a statement we have made!!

As we came into preseason, we were a pretty new group – many of us coming over from different franchises and a number of the team fairly new to SuperLeague netball. We knew we would need to learn a lot about each other quickly. I’ve been so impressed with how we have come together as a squad, a quickly built but highly committed netball family.

I think it would be fair to say we are seen as underdogs. New to the VNSL last year with two wins across the season – I think the expectation outside of the London Pulse Family was low. But we know what we are capable of together, and have aspirations for more.

London Pulse has made a great impact on the league so far in 2020 and I think shocked a few people! We have managed to secure 3 out of 3 wins (already more than the entire season last year) and it’s been a great team performance, and that is what I’ve loved about our team, we have really rallied together and performed as a united team on and off the court.

It’s been great to see the all 10 players make the court and the fact that we are giving real exposure to young players. It’s even more impressive considering our average age of the team is around 22.

I’ve been really happy with the teams attitude, especially from some individuals have really stepped up – saying they’re here to prove that London Pulse is a real contender for the VSNL title.

I look forward to the challenge of an away match v Team Bath, one of my previous teams. They always provide an amazing home crowd and never allow an easy ride. They too are sitting at the top of the table, so it will hopefully be a thrilling 60 minutes. It will be a great game to truly see where we are and where we have to go to be top 4.

Lindsay Keable
Insta @lindsaylonglegs11
Twitter @Lindsaylonglegs