Newfield Senior League Match Reports 6th October 2019

The latest from the league.

Simcocks Gold Eagles 22-25 Marbree Missfits A
Marbree Missfits secured a well-earned 25-22 win over Simcocks Gold on Sunday.

The first quarter saw attacking and defensive skilled play from both teams, however Missfits performed valiantly and were able to use their experience to take a comfortable lead at the end of the first quarter.

The start of the second quarter saw a tweak to the mid-court for Simcocks and in the attacking third for Missfits. Both teams had passages of fast play leading to goals being scored by both sides. Ball retention however, was much better by Simcocks and the combination of Salanardi and Sansbury linked fantastically, allowing them to score against some defensive brilliance by Missfits bringing the score-line to within a 3 goal difference.

Emma Riley’s vison during the third quarter was essential to secure some excellent feeds into Missfits shooters, Dunn and Ellison; whilst Ellie Gilson frequently showed her class to take interceptions and rebounds, turning the ball over and giving Simcocks chances to score.

During the final quarter Simcocks’ momentum was haltered by Missfits, allowing them to quicken their pace and score some excellent long range goals. Final score 29-34 to Missfits, with Evie Sansbury taking POTM.

SMP Ballasalla C 45-25 Thompson 3

SMP Ballasalla C and Thompson 3 was a game of two halves. The first half of the game saw both teams going goal for goal as SMP Ballasalla C utilised their holding GS Annabel Kneale to the best of her ability whilst Thompson 3 were able to use the width of the Court and quickly move the ball across their attacking third to allow their shooting due to open up space for the feed into the circle. Thompson 3’s shooting duo of Izzy Hitchen and Georgie Harding shot with the same consistency of SMP Ballasalla’s GS Annabel Kneale and the Thompson 3 shooting duo maintained their shooting confidence throughout the game converting shots from anywhere in their shooting circle. At half time, SMP Ballasalla C led by one goal. A swap in SMP Ballasalla C’s attack saw their experienced Becky King move from GA to WA and the switch proved to be a more effective line up against Thompson 3. In the second half, the SMP Ballasalla C defensive duo of Rachel Quayle at GD and Gemma White of GK upped their game as their WD, Jess Ward, worked hard to shut down Thompson’s attacking play reading their switch across their attacking third extremely well. Rachel Quayle, GD, made some crucial interceptions which their C, Emily Ashe, worked tirelessly to quickly and effectively move the ball down the centre Court, finishing with an accurate feed into their shooting circle. The conversions of turnovers meant that SMP Ballasalla C began to build momentum which Thompson 3 were unable to match, despite their efforts. The game ended with a twenty goal lead to SMP Ballasalla C 45-25. A well deserved player of the match went to Emily Ashe for SMP Ballasalla C.

Simcocks Green 40 – 20 Castletown Navy

Q1 – Saw both teams trying to settle into the game. Simcocks attack Hide & Dunn soon settled to take the lead and capitalise on the turnovers from the defence of Simcocks. Castletown’s Corrin also settled finding the shots to shoot 6 out of the 7 goals scored in the 1st qtr.

Q2- Simcocks leading 11-7 saw Saxon and Wilcox work well together to break down Castletown’s attack, getting the turnovers needed to gain on the score. Simcocks Dunn having to work hard against Castletown’s Robinson who was getting intercepts then Castletown Brooks-Lund, Renshaw & Smiley working hard to get it down the court. However the Simcocks defence proved difficult with Q2 finishing 20-10.

Q3 – with 10 goal lead Simcocks maintained their strong possession seeing the mid court Nicholson and Kinvig making interceptions and Hide and Dunn being able to capitalise. There were a few miss shots due to the strong Castletown defence however Hide and Dune were able to pick up the rebounds. Again Simcocks mid court and defence were working hard to breakdown Castletown’s attack with Q3 finishing 33-14.

Q4 – Changes were made for Simcocks coming into the last qtr which resulted in Castletown being able to capitalise on interceptions made. Then injury time was called for Castletown which resulted in changes which Simcocks took advantage of and maintain the lead of the last quarter.

Final score 40-20, POTM Emma Wilcox Simcocks

Thompson 4 13-56 SMP Ballasalla D
Ballasalla made a very strong start in the first half of the game, with a score of 29-9 at half time. Katie Leinwnad and Ella Malone from Thompson Travel made a valiant effort in defence however Jo Hicks and Rebecca Hands made a great team as shooters and rarely missed an opportunity to score a goal.
In the second half Thompson Travel moved players around with Emma Williams having to play as a lone shooter with the Thompson Team now reduced even further from 6 players to 5 players. From this position she worked well with Rachel Craig, playing C and Maisie Halsall, playing WA to gain an extra 5 goals. However, SMP Ballasalla continued to extend their lead further and did not seem to slow down.

Thompson Travel showed great team spirit and put in the effort all the way to the final whistle. The match was played with fantastic sportsmanship by both teams. The final score was 56-13 to SMP Ballasalla with Player of the Match being awarded to Gemma Collister of Ballasalla after her impressive efforts as Centre throughout the whole game.
PotM Gemma Collister, SMP Ballasalla D

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