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2020 NSL Surrey Storm

Hodge-England returns to Storm


Yas will return to Surrey Storm for 2020

The GA/GS joined Storm last autumn after previously enjoying Superleague experience with Severn Stars in 2017.

“We were super impressed with the improvements that Yas made to her game last year,” admitted Mikki Austin. “Last year was probably the first time that she has been relied upon in a starting Goal Attack position and she’s developed so well.

“She’s also adamant that she wants to continue to develop, which is amazing, and I look forward to continuing her netball journey with Storm.”

“I think I progressed throughout the season and became more confident in myself,” agrees Hodge-England, “and even though the group has slightly changed it’s still a really nice environment to be in. A welcoming, hard-working but comfortable, confident and challenging environment. And that, for me, is really important.

“You have to keep on moving forward, you can’t just rest of your laurels and think that you’re going to be OK because of what you’ve done before. You have to keep pushing, and I think we can build on last year, when we were maybe seen for some of our performances. This year I think we can take that and make it just how Storm play rather than it being the odd performance that we put out there.

“As a collective, we’re going for the top four, which I think is achievable for us. For me, the main thing will be to remain calm and confident on court, and improve my shooting stats. I want to do better than last year!”