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The Net Netball Scotland Sirens

Scottish Thistles reveal new logo

The Scottish Thistles are thrilled to unveil their new Logo!

As we head into the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool this July, we felt it was time to give our beloved brand a makeover, making sure we continued to respect and reflect our proud netball history whilst also embracing this new chapter for our squad in the modern game.

With a nod to Netball Scotland’s corporate brand, the refreshed logo takes a more modern approach to displaying the team’s emblem and colours. We are excited to build on the strong foundation of the Scottish Thistles and look forward to enhancing this legacy for the future.

THE THISTLE – Our Heritage

Our team colours remain the same!

PURPLE: Scotland’s very first international game was against England during the 1947/48 season. As this was a brand-new national squad, they had no official playing uniform, instead asking Margaret Cassidy, who was the Northumberland County Netball President, if they could borrow a kit from Essex Netball. The Essex kit colour was Purple and over 70 years later that colour has become symbolic of International Scottish Netball. Nowadays, we link the colour to the Scottish Thistle and its powerful purple head.

Agnes O’Brien – Netball Scotland Hall of Fame Inductee and National Coach 1982-87

“Netball Scotland is really proud of our Purple Legacy – over 70 years in the making – and as no other international team plays in this colour our girls always stand out, on and off the court.  We will continue to honour our proud traditions by being the ‘Thistles’ in both name and colour.” #BackingPurple

PINK: The colour pink links our proud past to our flourishing present, it is a vivid and modern addition to the traditional Purple the Thistles have always been associated with. It also links our Superleague franchise, Strathclyde Sirens, to the Scottish Thistles as the red of the Sirens is combined with the white of the Saltire to produce this colour. It is intended to portray the development pathway that our National Athletes must embrace and experience to reach that proud pinnacle of pulling on the Thistles dress to represent Scotland. Pink, for us, represents the journey each athlete goes on from grassroots to the international stage.

BLUE: Blue is the colour that is most associated with Scotland and is the final colour incorporated into our logo. The blue of the saltire links our team to our nation. With its proud heritage and recognisable hue, this blue is intended to embrace Scotland, her people, her culture and her heritage. It is intended to portray the growth of netball in Scotland.

Our team badge has evolved!

THISTLE: The Thistle is the National Emblem of Scotland. Despite the thistle’s soft and downy bloom, the plant itself should never be underestimated, it is protected by extremely sharp thorns which, according to Legend, once stopped an invading Norse army from attacking a Scottish army encampment. This hardy and dangerous, yet beautiful and iconic, flower represents the fearless commitment and relentlessness of our Thistles squad and is the perfect representation of our National Team.  #ThistlesSting

NETBALL: This design is also interwoven into the Netball Scotland corporate logo and connects our national team to the National Governing Body and it’s members. We believe that the success of our team on court is as a result of the passion, hard work, dedication, support and commitment of every member of our NS Family – from our staff, Board and partners, to our members, volunteers and fans. Together we #SucceedAsATeam

LEAVES: Finally, the Leaves of the Thistle logo are reflective of the wings in the Strathclyde Sirens logo. The Sirens name comes from the dangerous but beautiful mythical creatures in legendary tales and reflects the dangerous yet beautiful personality of the Thistle flower. This nod to Scotland’s only Superleague team represents the pathways our players embark upon to reach the international stage. We also love how the Thistle leaves can look like giant angel wings on our players and we hope that this helps our team feel powerful and empowered as they prepare to step out on court for us. #GrowAsAnIndividual 

Claire Nelson, CEO of Netball Scotland:

“We would like to thank every one of our #ThistlesArmy for supporting us on our long and hard-fought journey to this point. But, as we face our next big challenge on the world stage, we need your support more than ever. Scotland’s rise on the world stage is just building momentum, and we are ready to show the world who we are and what we are capable of. Join us on our journey ahead and together we will create a bright and flourishing future for us all!”

#BackingPurple #ThistlesSting