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Nicole Humphrys Blog (05th Apr 2019)


Nicole from Storm joins us as she begins her recovery back from surgery

We were away against Manchester Thunder when it happened. I was a quarter time change, had been playing for about 7 minutes, caught a ball from behind me, landed, and my knee went. I knew it must have been bad because of the pain and I, only naturally, thought the worst.

And the worst so be it; a ruptured ACL (and torn menisci). Hearing the diagnosis, quite honestly, made me feel sick to my stomach. I think it was especially hard because I’d been reassured that I probably hadn’t done it, to then hear the consultant say 10 days later, “I was wrong, it is your ACL”. My in denial state at this point was clearly apparent to which I responded with: “just double checking… that is my leg on the screen?” – obviously it was! (and I knew that really). I just wasn’t ready to accept it.

So this is where I’m at now. 1 week post successful surgery, with my leg up on the sofa, ice, rocking a knee brace. I suppose it’s only now that it’s sunk in. The non-weight bear, crutch life is an interesting one – I’m currently bum shuffling up and down the stairs. For any athlete it’s hard to sit still and rest – I’m still learning to deal with this, and to take life at a slower pace for now during the initial healing stages. Although I’m not missing out on any fun over Easter. I’ve hired myself a wheelchair over the next couple of weeks so I can get out and about (will also put my boyfriend to good use so I can get some retail therapy without murdering my arms on crutches!). I find that keeping yourself busy and distracted plays an important part on getting you through injury; you cannot sit around and feel sorry for yourself.

My long road to recovery and return to the Superleague starts here. I’ll be blogging key milestones throughout my rehab. I’d just like to thank everyone who has supported me so far, especially my Storm family – I cannot wait to see you all in training again soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,