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Netball Show : Kyra and Leah

The latest UK Netball Show Podcast with Mizuno

Kyra Jones has announced her retirement from Dragons at the end of the season, Leah Kennedy returns to the Superleague with Stars.

We have extended interviews with Kyra and Leah that will be published over the next couple of days so please watch out for them as they’re something special from 2 dedicated players.

We have the latest from the league, The award winning Isle Of Man Netball team, hear from Wasps U21 and catchup with Knights Mens Netball Lewis Keeling

and you still have time to enter our Mizuno competition as it closes on WEDS  : More information here – Its last weeks podcast with the Mizuno logo as its main image named  “Netball Show : Mizuno Competition” T&C Here


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