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Kerry Almond Blog (17th Apr 2019)


Kerry takes time to write her latest blog for us

They don’t call it the business end of the season for nothing.

At this stage, with 4 games to go you just can’t take anything for granted and you have to show up in every single minute of every game.

Case in point: our game v Stars. We absolutely did not do that. We had some moments and flashes of how we know we can play, but just not enough and far too inconsistently. Credit to Stars though, they showed up and played for the full 60 and thoroughly deserved to win the game.

Whilst it’s not been exactly ideal for us, this game and some other recent results elsewhere have made for an exciting final month of this season. There are 5 teams battling it out for 4 spots and 2 home semi-finals. It’s incredibly tough to call. Of course, I’m confident that we’ll take a home semi in May, but we have to take 2 wins this weekend against Pulse and Lightning, which will not be easy at all. We will need to play 100% better than we did last weekend to do that. Pulse are confident at the moment, having taken a win from Mavericks and running Storm close. Lightning will be looking to get back to winning ways after losses to Storm and Bath.

It’s a big weekend all round with 6 teams in Coventry and 4 teams on show in Glasgow. Hopefully you’ve got your tickets to one of them!

It’d be remiss of me to not mention the current noise surrounding the televising of games. I think that we need more consistent crowds at matches. We need to be packing out the venues we’re playing in, the fans NEED to be at the games live in the flesh. If we can get full venues, then maybe SKY will take notice that people are watching the product and want more. They don’t want to be showing games where there’s a flood of empty seats. It’s not a great look for TV at all. So, you want more games on TV? Show up and get yourself down to a Superleague game.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you support Thunder, Wasps, Dragons or anybody else, just support someone, and show up and make yourself heard.

As a final thing, Thunder are having our end of season awards dinner at Hotel Football once more. Everyone is invited, tickets are available now for what is always the first event in our Thunder calendar every season 😉 It’s a brilliant night, they get better every year I go, and I’m sure this year will be extra special.



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