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New INF Ratings


England return to second in the new INF ratings

Following their strong performance in January’s Quad Series, England have moved back to 2nd place in the latest INF World Rankings published on the 13th March 2019

Elsewhere here are the other teams of interest to us at The Netball Show with Mizuno

08 Northern Ireland
09 Scotland

11 Wales
20 Ireland

30 Gibraltar

Also worth noting is that the Isle Of Man currently have a rating in the system however as they haven’t played 8 games they are currently not featured – More information is here

Rating Period:
It is not meaningful for a team to claim a world ranking if they have only played a small number of matches. As soon as a team has played eight International test matches over the rating period then they will have earned an official world ranking. If a team has played fewer than eight matches, they will still have a rating, but without a corresponding ranking. To have a ranking the team must have played at least 2 games against a rated team.

The following teams currently have a rating in the system and could become ranked once they have played 8 matches:

Cayman Islands
St Lucia
Isle of Man

For the full table click here.