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Jasmin Odeogberin Blog (14th Mar 2019)


Welcome London Pulse’s Jas to the site and her update from the leagues newest team

The first half of the league has flown by, with Super 10 feeling like a lot longer than just 3 months ago. It has been so exciting to be able to be a part of the first year of London Pulse as a Superleague franchise, especially having been a part of the club in the previous years when it was just an NPL side. Whilst it has proposed many challenges so far, the team are learning and improving each week on our performances. Everyone in the squad offers something different and overall we have a lot of potential as a team, with such a strong last quarter against Bath last weekend it shows the fight we have, now the challenge will be trying to maintain that level of performance throughout the whole game.

Aside from netball a lot of the team have been engaging with the local London netball leagues to spread awareness of the franchise and the response has been amazing! It is so great to see people supporting us as a new team and watching the Pulse community grow. It definitely brings a boost to the Pulse camp and helps to motivate us in training. We have been working hard this week to prep for the second round of games and to see how we can improve on the performances we have put out so far. The team is building in confidence, and hopefully this will translate on the court in our game against Severn Stars this weekend at the Copperbox!

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