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Congratuations Cat and Jimmy


Sirens Cat Tuivaiti is pregnant with her first child.

Strathclyde Sirens fans are aware that Cat Tuivaiti hasn’t been taking to court recently and has been noticeably absent from social media, and we are so sorry that we haven’t been able to update you in any detail on her circumstances before now. But, there is good reason why Cat has been out of action – she is expecting a Tiny Tuivaiti! Her and her husband Jimmy announced their pregnancy today on social media, and whilst the impending arrival was an unexpected surprise, the new parents-to-be are over the moon.



The last two months, however, have been extremely difficult for Cat as she has suffered, and is still suffering, with constant sickness and nausea. Our Head Coach and medical team have been providing Cat with lots of support during this time, but unfortunately she has suffered terribly with her symptoms which have subsequently ruled her out from all training and competition. So, whilst she had hoped to continue the season with her Strathclyde Sirens teammates, together we have made the decision that it is in fact better for her, and for the wellbeing of her unborn baby, to return home to be with her husband and family.

So, it is with mixed emotions that we will be bidding farewell to this incredible player who, for the brief time that she was with us, bought so much energy, excitement and expertise to our Team, and to the Superleague as a whole.

Cat wanted to share this message with her fans: “This is one of the happiest times of my life. To finally be able to start a family with my husband is a dream come true. But, the timing of everything has been the hardest pill to swallow. I didn’t think my journey in Scotland would end like this but everyone has been so accommodating and understanding. The fans and supporters here at the Strathclyde Sirens are relentless and proud. That’s exactly what netball needs. I’m so proud to call myself a Siren, even if only for a short period. Thank you for welcoming me into this beautiful country and netballing community, and you will see me again soon (plus one).”

We would like to thank Cat for being a part of our journey, and for the significant positive impact that she has made on our players and coaches in the run up to the Netball World Cup. This season for the Strathclyde Sirens has always been about NWC preparations, and now, more than ever, our Scottish players (and adopted Scot, Gia Abernethy!), need your support to complete the rest of the season with heart, fight and passion.

Head Coach Gail Parata adds: “The Strathclyde Sirens athletes and Management are delighted for Cat and Jimmy and their wonderful baby news.  Cat will be sorely missed.  Her knowledge, experience and personality have been invaluable to the team and myself and we all want to wish her the very best for the future. With 8 VNSL rounds remaining, the team and management are committed as ever to delivering performances to be proud of for our fans and partners.”

Whilst we are all disappointed that our incredible fans didn’t get to see as much of Cat in action as we had all hoped, she certainly gave us lots of entertainment and inspiration whilst she was here! #TuivaitiTricks

So, Cat and Jimmy, everyone here at Strathclyde Sirens and Netball Scotland wishes you and your growing family all the luck and love in the world, and you have a nation of aunties and babysitters ready waiting with open arms to welcome the three of you back to Scotland anytime.