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Moll’s Moments : Molly Geehan (24th Feb 2019)


The newest blog from Molly is here and well worth a read

Molls Moments Online

After rolling/ spraining my ankle two weeks ago, ngl, I was nervous about playing today after being careful at training this week. I know as a player, coming back from any injury is tough but the physical side is only half the battle. Mentally, the anxiety you feel can really affect your performance if you let it do so.

So when I woke up this morning, I decided to focus on coming out the other side and winning. We needed this win today. PMA almost helps to take that physical pain away. We finished the 1st quarter losing by 3. We knew we had to turn that ball over and make this game ours. In quarter 3, we dominated the court, coming from 7 behind, to winning by 3. The communication between the players and the ability to keep our heads up even when we were losing paid off in the end. We smashed it. 56-49!! Yes my ankle did hurt, but there was NO way I was coming off that court.

I’m trying to take this PMA forward over the next 10 days as I embark on the A Level mock journey. Half term is supposed to be where students take the time off for a well deserved break and forget about deadlines and tests. This was not the case. 10:30 sharp every morning, the clock started ticking as my seven hour revision session commenced. The time dragged and a visit to the dentist would have been more preferable on some of those days. If I read one more time about how PC is broken down into P and C through the use of creatine kinase… When this come in handy with journalism, I have no idea.

A slight respite with an evening out with work friends was one to remember… for some. (However, I was designated driver for this evening so I quite enjoyed seeing other people make funny memories, such as falling over a bin *cough, Ethan, cough*)

Another lovely day out on Friday with my new 6ft 4in friend was another enjoyable distraction.

My message today is all about going in with the right attitude; mirroring my life as a netballer. Trying my best to achieve with one goal in mind. Success.

Going to be writing every three weeks from now on as I’ve just got so much work to do. Check back soon 🙂