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POD : Jan – June

Its been another fantastic year and here are some of the extra highlights of the UK netball podcast – The Netball Show

This is part one of a special look back at some of the interviews and moments of last years Netball Show with Viper 10 and you can re-live some of the others here or use an option to subscribe below

This saw the official launch of the Netball World Cup in Liverpool (I’ll save the story about nearly being snowed in at 5am for another day – Andy). We heard from Tamsin Greenway, Jo Adams and Event Director Lindsay Impett .

In one of the most popular episodes of the year as Nat spoke to Sasha Corbin about her rehab and remaining positive throughout the process, and there was multiple comments saying how much it was appreciated.

The Netball Show with Viper 10 is the only UK based Netball Podcast and available on all of the main podcast providers including

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The Netball Show on Spotify

We value your support – if you fancied a small donation listen on RadioPublic where we get $0.01c per 10000000 listens or something via this link The Netball Show Radio Public

Anna Stembridge and Paige Kindred who spoke during her time at Team Northumbria and her Thunder career.

Sophie Morgan & Melissa Hyndman joined us on the podcast (one of these was impossible to get hold of – and the other was Sophie :p) – not to mention LOADS from the Gold Coast and England Netball Comm Games

Geva Mentor on playing for the roses, Sirens & Thistles Nicola McCleery and Tamsin Greenway on #showup. Congrats on the 150th appearance Gevs and thanks for your support everyone on the only UK based netball podcast. @thenetballshow

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