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POD : June – Dec

The Netball Show with Viper 10 has been there all year bringing you the latest UK netball news

In the second part of the review lets look back from July to December – Remember we bring you the latest from clubs and speak to players and coaches from around the leagues and the whole of the UK. Thanks for your support and joining us over this time.

Suzy Drane spoke to us about Netball Tots and we caught up with Sara Bayman as it was announced she was Lightning’s Director Of Netball

Sian Foley-Corah and Danielle Lewis-Collins joined us to talk about the England Netball Coaching Legacy intitiative.

Look its Laura Geitz and it was an honour so we make an exception! (Not to mention this took so much arranging – Andy)

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We value your support – if you fancied a small donation listen on RadioPublic where we get $0.01c per 10000000 listens or something via this link The Netball Show Radio Public

Georgia Lees spoke to us first about her move from Storm to benecosMavericks AND we heard from England Netball as they celebrated their 10th birthday

Busy month as well as Fast 5 and Sharni – We also had a special chat with Viper 10 ambassador Stacey Francis as she told us more about her reasons why she isn#t representing England at the moment – moments like this interview are why we do it

Pulse were are already confirmed as the new franchise in 2019 but the didnt they keep us waiting for the squad!. Ama, Ash and Chi spoke to us first. (and theres a wonderful story about someone messaging me 15 seconds before the official announcement but thats for a podcast book!)

Just weeks ago another vital listen from the last 12 months – We heard from star of the recent Uganda series Fran Williams, Molly Geehan on rejection in sport and Nat and Sacha discuss the Nike deal with England and what it means to have a major backing. – dont miss this one! – “hurdle is a hurdle not the finish line”

Your support in this has been invaluable since we started an on behalf of us all – Thank you
Andy, Sacha, Nat and Zara give us a follow and say Hi!

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