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Latest INF World Rankings Update to January 28, 2018

The first INF World Rankings update of the year sets an historic milestone in international netball, as for the first time in history forty (40) teams now have a INF World Ranking.

This coincides with another milestone in that it is ten years since the Official World Rankings were launched by the INF, introduced by David Kendix. Back in February 2008 there were only 22 teams with a ranking, testament to how international netball has grown over the years.

The latest Rankings reflect the games played up to the 28th of January, 2018, which include the recent Quad Series, Netball World Cup 2019 Regional Qualifier – Europe, Grenada Netball Tournament, Mini Pacific Games and the Mission Foods Nations Cup.
England close in on second place following a victory over New Zealand at the Quad Series, however, the top eight remain unchanged. Elsewhere, Scotland move inside the top ten to ninth position following their victories over Wales and Northern Ireland at the Netball World Cup 2019 Regional Qualifier – Europe. As a result, Wales and Barbados both fall one position.

The biggest movers are the Cook Islands who now have a ranking once again. They move into 17th following their clean sweep of victories at the Mission Foods Nations Cup. Swaziland are also big movers following a successful Nations Cup, they rise up eight spaces to 23rd.

As supporters of our teams and nations this makes us pleased to be the only UK based podcast as our game is in a strong place at the moment

1 Australia 48 34 7251 213
2 New Zealand 59 44 7982 181
3 England 64 45 7377 164
4 Jamaica 27 18 2684 149
5 South Africa 41 29 4041 139
6 Malawi 26 18 2073 115
7 Uganda 22 16 1724 108
8 N. Ireland 35 25 2678 107
9 Scotland 34 22 2345 107
10 Wales 36 23 2379 103

22 Ireland 40 32 1213 38

Full Rankings
The INF talks to David Kendix about a decade of the World Rankings system here