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Andy Lamb, Sacha Shipway and Natalie Morris bring you The Netball Show with Mizuno. Online since 2017 we bring you the latest from the UK’s Superleague and all aspects of the sport.

‘The Netball Show Podcast showed a real passion for the game, this podcast has clearly made an impact’ – British Sports Journalism Awards 2019 Judge – Best Audio / Radio Nominee

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Motherhood In Netball

Natalie Morris has a special look at Motherhood In Netball

Nat has been speaking to members…

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Fran Connolly EXCLUSIVE

The CEO of England Netball in a Netball Podcast first on the decision to cancel…

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Claire Jones & Gabby Marshall

Claire Jones on Mental Health Awareness and Gabby Marshall.

The latest podcast with Mizuno brings you…

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